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Here’s your latest Eco Partner News Round-Up—everything you need to know about the fight for environmental protection in the past month.

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Here’s your latest Eco News Round-Up—everything you need to know about the fight for environmental protection in the past month.

All Eyes on Paris

President Barack Obama urged the world to view the climate talks that kicked off in Paris last Monday as potentially the last chance to make a meaningful impact on combating climate change. Invoking Martin Luther King Jr., he warned his fellow heads of state that, "There is such a thing as being too late." Obama and Chinese President Xi also held a bilateral meeting before the speech to reiterate our countries’ mutual commitment to climate cooperation.

For nations laying out a new path forward on climate change in Paris, California has decades of experience to draw on and an eagerness to share. With an economy growing 50% faster than the national average, California shows it is possible to increase jobs AND cut harmful emissions—reducing per capita energy use and saving citizens money through energy efficiency and cleaner cars. Gov. Jerry Brown, eight members of the legislature, and former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger are all attending the Paris talks to lend their insights and experience.

Over 100 companies joined together on the second day of talks to sponsor a full-page ad in the Wall Street Journal entitled “Business Backs a Low Carbon USA". The ad endorses action to reduce U.S. carbon emissions, investment in a low-carbon economy, and a strong and fair climate deal in Paris.

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Americans Back Oil & Gas Industry Regulation
Last week, we hand-delivered 178,914 of YOUR letters (pictured above) to the EPA’s Office of Air and Radiation urging them to slash dangerous methane climate pollution from the oil and gas industry. Together with our friends in 19 other organizations, the environmental community delivered more than 850,000 comments—making this one of EPA’s most popularly supported rules in recent years.

Keystone Pipeline Rejected
We were heartened to see the Keystone Pipeline rejected by President Obama last month. We can no longer ignore the impact that energy projects have on our climate. EDF applauds our friends in the environmental community who led the fight to oppose Keystone. Their leadership showed the world that we must unite behind lower carbon solutions that will bring us a future with more jobs, less pollution, and reduced risk from climate change.

Take Action: Thank President Obama for Rejecting Keystone

EDF and Cornell University Partner to Further Environmental Policy
EDF announced last month a new partnership with Cornell University’s Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future to conduct research addressing pressing health and environmental issues. The initial research projects include expansion of our joint effort with Google to detect methane leaks in American cities.

China’s Climate Emissions Higher than Previously Reported
The New York Times revealed in a Nov. 4 article that China has been burning as much as 17 percent more coal annually than previously thought, citing new Chinese government data. EDF’s Dan Dudek, who runs our China Program and is a recipient of China’s National Friendship Award—the highest honor that can be conferred on a foreigner—explains that while this is sobering news, it is not a verdict on China’s commitment to climate action going forward.

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The Breakthroughs You Made Possible in 2015
Although we’ve already begun gearing up for the big fights on deck in 2016, it’s important to reflect back on the big victories we shared together this year. Our 2015 Annual Report is now available online. With its inspiring theme “Breakthroughs,” it is a rich, beautifully designed celebration of all the historic work we’ve accomplished together over the last year.

Read More: You can review the full PDF report online, or select one of our four individual program reports: Climate, Health, Oceans, and Ecosystems.

Racing Extinction
Last week, Discovery Channel unveiled a new special, Racing Extinction. The film follows Oscar-winning filmmaker Louie Psihoyos and his team across the globe as they chart the impacts of climate change and the illegal wildlife trade on our planet.

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